VMP Dog Vitamins 50 Tablets

VMP Dog Vitamins 50 Tablets

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Zoetis Vmp Tablets Feed supplement in tablets for dogs containing vitamins, minerals and proteins easily assimilated. Indicated for skeletal development and an improvement in the age of organic development; It compensates for the increased needs of bitches in the second period of pregnancy and during the lactation period; It supports the growth of hair with a shiny coat and supple skin.

VMP Vitamins Minerals Proteins



Supplementary food composed of vitamins, minerals and proteins suitable for dogs and cats.

It is suitable for animals with the following characteristics:

- Low weight

- With falling hair or brittle hair

- Pregnant or lactating women

- Covalescence


This mineral-multivitamin complex can be used at any stage of your animal's life cycle.



The recommended daily dose is as follows:

-Ghosts and young dogs: ½ to 1 tablet

- Small adult dogs: 1 tablet

- Average adult dogs: 2 to 3 tablets

- Large adult dogs: 4 tablets


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