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STRONGHOLD Cat 3 pipettes

Stronghold is a veterinary medicinal product indicated for treatment and prevention of infestations of fleas, prevention of heartworm disease, treatment of auricular acaríase.
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Stronghold treats and prevents flea infestations for 1 month after a single application. This is a result of the adulticidal, larvicidal and ovicidal activity of the drug.
The veterinary drug can be used as part of a strategy to treat flea bite allergic dermatitis and due to its ovicidal and larvicidal action can help control flea infestations in the environment to which the animal has access.
Prevention of heartworm disease, Stronghold can be safely administered to infected animals (monthly), however, it is recommended that all animals aged 6 months or older be tested for adult heartworm infections before starting the medication.
Treatment of auricular acariasis, stronghold treats infestations by chewing lice, treats sarcotic mange by adult intestinal ascarids, and treats infections by adult intestinal ascarids.
Stronghold is available in various presentations, according to the weight of your cat.
Stronghold 15mg - for cats weighing less than 2.5kg
Stronghold 45mg - for cats weighing 2.6kg to 7.5kg
Posology and method of administration:
Directions: Apply to the skin at the base of the neck.
Stronghold should be administered monthly, varying according to the prescription of the veterinarian and the type of treatment.
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