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CALCIDELICE 30 tablets

CALCIDELICE is a phosphorus and calcium food supplement suitable for growing dogs, pregnant bitches and infants.


Calcidelice is a palatable supplement, prevents and treats some skeletal changes caused by dietary deficiencies.
Deficiencies of calcium and / or vitamin D as for example in secondary hyperparathyroidism that can lead to fibrous osteodystrophy.
Phosphorus deficiency as in osteomalacia / osteoporosis especially in young animals and in females (gestation, lactation).
Dosage and method of administration:

Calcidelice can be administered directly into the animal's mouth, or crushed and mixed into the food.
For growing dogs: one tablet per 10 kg of weight.
For pregnant bitches: half of one tablet per 10 kg of weight.
For lactating bitches: one tablet per 10 kg of weight.
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