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Solution for the hygiene and care of the external ear canal of the dog or cat, to keep it free from accumulation of dirt, cerumen or secretions.

Otoclean contains keratolytic ingredients, ceruminolytics and emollients that allow to sanitize, neutralize undesirable odors of the ear and remove excess dirt that predisposes to the occurrence of diseases in the ears. It is useful in the prevention of otitis and as adjuvant in the treatment of the same.

Serving Size:

Apply Otoclean in each ear canal of the dog or cat in sufficient quantity and according to the size of the animal.

- For large animals, apply one vial (5ml) to each ear.

- In small or medium-sized animals, spread the contents of a bottle through both ears.

Let Otoclean work without applying any other product to the ear for at least 30 minutes.

Instructions for use:

- Open the bottle by twisting the plastic cap.

- Hold the dog or cat's ear through its upper extremity, and direct the contents of the vial into the ear canal by vigorously pressing the vial until all contents are instilled, or only half, as the case may be.

- Massage the base of the ear for a few seconds to favor the contact of the solution with the ear.

Frequency of use:

The frequency of application of Otoclean will depend on the objective considered in each case.

- In breeds that are prone to otitis due to the anatomy of their earcap (Cocker, Setter, Poodle, etc ...), it is advisable to apply Otoclean periodically. A weekly application is recommended routinely to keep the external ear canal in optimal condition.

- Atrial hygiene, unpleasant odor, etc.

In animals with a large accumulation of dirt or cerumen, an unpleasant odor from the ears may be noticeable. In these cases, apply Otoclean to each auditory canal every 24 hours for 8 consecutive days, and spacing the applications (every 2-3 days) depending on the response, until a complete hygiene of the auditory channels is obtained.

In animals with otitis, to improve the efficacy of the anti-infective or therapeutic products to be applied, it is recommended to clean the ear canal eliminating the accumulation of dirt, cerumen or secretions. Thus, 30 minutes before applying an ear treatment solution it is recommended to clean both ears with Otoclean.

For proper ear hygiene it is recommended that the external auditory pad be cleaned with its own wipes.

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