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Omniotic® is the only routine cleaning fluid in the ears of cats and dogs that combines all the characteristics necessary to the satisfaction of dog and cat owners because it has a pleasant odor and quickly removes wax, and to the satisfaction of veterinary clinicians, because enhances ear treatments through a pH appropriate to the action of antibiotics and antifungals, and has a strong surfactant and soothing capacity of the auricular epithelium.

Omniotic Actions:

- Cleaning the outer ear, removal of waxes and debris

- Promote treatments against Fungi and Resistant Bacteria

- Anti-inflammatory, Anti-pruritic, exfoliating

Instructions for use:

Apply directly to the ear canal until the massage allows you to make a distinctive sound.

Massage gently at the base of the ear for a few seconds to obtain good diffusion of the product.

Can be used on dogs, cats and rabbits of any age.

Routine situations

- Routine cleaning: apply 1 to 2 times a week for perfect hygiene of the ear canal.

- Excessive cerumen or unpleasant odor: Apply daily for 8 days, then apply every 2 or 3 days until normalization.

- Other situations: After bathing, after extracting hair from the ear.

Therapeutic situations

- Accumulation of wax:

It should be applied until the waxes come without wax, then the intervals every 3 days, then weekly and then every 2 weeks. Cleaning should be maintained at a bimonthly frequency in completely controlled cases, but in which there is predisposition for the accumulation of wax.

- Extreme otitis:

It should be applied 10 mn before the appropriate treatment. In addition to removing the wax, it eliminates or weakens many of the causative agents (bacteria, fungi or mites) so that the effect of the treatment is enhanced. By containing EDTA it allows the mixture of antibiotics or antifungals without neutralizing them with the acids present in the usual cleaning fluids.


In an average dog 2ml of Omniotic per ear are usually sufficient.

Which means that each package may suffice for 50 unilateral applications.

In a 1ml cat will suffice for which an Omniotic pack will suffice for 100 unilateral applications.

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