NUTRI-PLUS gel Dog/Cat

NUTRI-PLUS gel Dog/Cat

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Dietary supplement food for cats and dogs.
Nutritional recovery and convalescence.

Nutri-plus gel is a concentrated energy source (18.4 MJ / kg) combining vitamins, trace elements and easily digested components specially formulated to support your animal during intense physical activity (hunting and working dogs) or in situations (convalescence, young growing animals, females gestamntes and infants).
How to use:
One teaspoon (about 6g) of Nutri-plus gel should be administered for every 5 kg of body weight, twice a day.
To facilitate the intake, put a small amount in the animal's mouth before administering the total recommended amount.
Nutri-plus gel can be administered directly into the animal's mouth with the cannula or mixed in the daily dose of food.
Nutri-plus gel can be given until complete recovery or during a period of physical exertion.
Glucose syrup, soybean oil, fish oil, glucose molasses, hydrolysed animal proteins (swine and ruminants), magnesium sulfate heptahydrate.
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