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NEXGARD SPECTRA Dog - 3 tablets

Nexgard Spectra is a veterinary medicinal product for the treatment of flea and tick infestations in dogs when simultaneous prevention of heartworm disease and / or treatment of gastrointestinal nematode infestations is indicated.
* Because it is a veterinary product subject to medical prescription, we ask you to send it to the e-mail.

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Nexgard Spectra is a veterinary antiparasitic medicine in tablet form.
Nexgard Spectra treats flea infestations for at least 5 weeks and ticks for 4 weeks.
It treats infestations by adult gastrointestinal nematodes of the following species: roundworms (Toxocara canis and Toxascaris leonina), hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum and Ancylostoma Braziliense) and trichurids (Trichuris vulpis).
Prevents Dirofilariae (Dirofilaria immitis larvae), on a monthly basis.
Nexgard Spectra can be administered as part of a treatment strategy for the control of Allergic Dermatitis by Flea Bite.
Nexgard Spectra is available in various presentations, depending on the weight of your dog:
- NEXGARD SPECTRA 9mg/2mg - For dogs weighing 2kg to 3.5kg;
- NEXGARD SPECTRA 19mg/4mg - For dogs weighing 3.5kg to 7.5kg;
- NEXGARD SPECTRA 38mg/8mg - For dogs weighing 7.5kg to 15kg;
- NEXGARD SPECTRA 75mg/15mg - For dogs weighing 15kg to 30kg;
- NEXGARD SPECTRA 150mg/30mg - For dogs weighing 30 to 60kg.
Do not administer to puppies under 8 weeks of age and / or dogs weighing less than 2 kg.
Posology and method of administration:
Administration: Oral, chewable tablets are palatable to most dogs, however, if the dog does not accept it can be administered with food.
Treatment scheme:
For the treatment of infestations by fleas and ticks administer 1 tablet per month.
For the prevention of Heartworm disease and / or treatment of infestations by gastrointestinal nematodes the treatment regimen should be based on veterinary diagnosis.
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