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MILBEMAX Dog tablet

Milbemax is indicated for the treatment of mixed infections by nematodes and cestodes as well as for prevention of heartworm disease.
* Because it is a veterinary product subject to medical prescription, we ask you to send it to the e-mail.

Available Options

MILBEMAX is a veterinary medicinal product in the form of tablets. Milbemax is available in two presentations, according to weight.
- Milbemax Dog 2.5 / 25mg - for dogs up to 5kg
- Milbemax Dog 12.5 / 125mg - for dogs from 5 to 25 kg
Breastfeeding bitches should be treated at the same time as their offspring.
Adult dogs should be treated 4 times per year for gastrointestinal and monthly verminosis to prevent heartworm infestation.
Posology and method of administration:
Administration: Oral.
Treatment scheme:
Milbemax should be administered from 2 weeks of age, and from there, monthly until the animal completes six months of life.

Dog weight

Milbemax (for dogs up to 5kg)

Dog weight

Milbemax(for dogs from 5 to 25 kg)

0,5 - 2,5 kg

1/2 Tablet

10 - 25 kg

1 Tablet

2,5 - 5 kg

1 Tablet

25 - 50 kg

2 Tablets

5-10 kg

2 Tablets

50 - 75 kg

3 Tablets

Do not use in dogs less than 2 weeks of age and / or weighing less than 0.5 kg.
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