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FLEXADIN ADVANCED - biscuit / chewable tablet

Flexadin Advanced is a healthy food supplement that helps to minimize joint diseases such as osteoarthritis. It is suitable for dogs that love to move and that are limited in their freedom of movement.

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Flexadin Advanced is a tasty treat, with resealable packaging. Flexadin Advanced is composed of omega-3 fatty acids (omega-3 has anti-inflammatory properties), Vitamin E (prevents cartilage matrix degradation) and UC-II (ensures preservation of integrity and function).
Flexadin Advanced is indicated for the following situations:
- Promotes healthy joints;
- Contains unique ingredients to promote healthy cartilage;
- It improves the quality of life of your pet.
Flexadin Advanced is available in two presentations:
- Flexadin Advanced - 30 tablets;
- Flexadin Advanced - 60 tablets.
1 Tablet per day, regardless of size, is enough for your dog to move again in a happy and quiet way.
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