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ADVOCATE Dog Antiparasitic 3 pipettes


Advocate is an external antiparasitic for dogs, treats and prevents flea infestations, lice, mites, intestinal worms, including larvae.

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Advocate prevents heart worm infestation Dirofilaria immitis when given once a month.

Advocate can be given as part of a strategic treatment for flea allergic dermatitis (FAD).



Do not use in dogs less than 4 weeks old.

Do not use in dogs classified as Cardiopulmonary Heartworm Class 4.

Avoid contact of the product with the eyes and mouth of the animal.


Directions for use and Dosage:


- Advocate <4 - For dogs up to 8lb - 1 pipette of 0.4ml;

- Advocate 4/10kg - For dogs between 8lb to 22lb - 1 pipette of 1.0ml;

- Advocate 10/25kg - For dogs between 22lb to 55lb - 1 pipette of 2.5ml;

- Advocate 25/40kg - For dogs between 55lb to 88lb - 1 pipette of 4.0ml.


Apply 1 pipette / month. For dogs over 88lb, use an appropriate combination of pipettes, complementing the treatment with a ratio of 1ml of Advocate for every 10kg of body weight.

For external use only. Apply only to non-injured skin.


List of excipients:

- Benzilic alcohol;

- Butylhydroxytoluene;

- propylene carbonate;


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