Frontline COMBO Spot-On Cat - 1P

Frontline COMBO Spot-On Cat - 1P

Brand: HifarmaX
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Frontline COMBO Spot On Cat - 1 Pipette


Frontline Combo is an external antiparasitic, which gives your cat control and prevention of infestations by fleas, ticks and biting lice. Controls environmental infestations.


Frontline COMBO is an external antiparasitic recommended for customers who prefer convenience, is easy to apply (cutaneous application) and offers your cat an effective protection throughout the year if applied regularly (once a month).

Frontline COMBO contains as active ingredients Fipronil and Methoprene. Fipronil is an insecticidal / acaricidal substance characterized by rapid and long-lasting action. Metropreno is an insect growth regulator, it avoids the contamination of the environment.


It operates in less than 24 hours, ensures continuous protection, Frontline COMBO is ideal for your cat and for and for controlling environmental infestations.


The product may be used as a coadjuvant for a program for the control of Allergic Dermatitis by Flea Bite.


Method of administration:

Keep the pipette upright. Before splitting the end ensure that all contents are within the main part of the pipette. Break the end. Remove the hairs from the animal's back at the base of the neck, at the line of the shoulder blades, until the skin is clearly visible. Approach the tip of the pipette close to the skin and squeeze it several times, to completely empty its contents directly on the skin, at an application point. When applying the veterinary medicinal product to the skin, avoid excessive wetting of the hair, as the treated area may look wet or oily after application. If this effect occurs, it will disappear within 24 hours after application.


Posology and method of administration:

Route of administration: Cutaneous application (on the back of your cat)

Dosage and Administration: Aplicar 1 pipeta de 4 em 4 semanas.


Composition: Fipronil 10% / Methoprene 12%


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