FLEE Spray

FLEE Spray

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FLEE Spray 400ml

Flee spray is an environmentally friendly, easy and practical to use, which eliminates fleas and mites in the environment of your home.

Flee spray is indicated to treat the environment of your home and also your animal. Flee treats the animal with traditional antiparasitic methods, but adds and exercises direct control over the environment, achieving both with a correct antiparasitic strategy.
Flee is ideal for animals, people and the environment, works in all environmental phases of the parasite, including eggs, and is effective in controlling dust mites and therefore in antiallergic treatments.
Flee has an effectiveness of up to 2 months in controlling parasites in the environment.
How to use:
Shake the bottle and bring it about 40 cm from the surface to be treated. You should carry the spray between 7 and 14 seconds per square meter (every 2 to 3 months). Apply on all surfaces that are in direct contact with the animal. After the treatment, wait about 30 seconds for the treated area to dry completely.
Flee should not be applied on the animal, just in the environment. Use it all year round and not just in the spring or summer months.
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