FELIWAY (Spray) Cat

FELIWAY (Spray) Cat

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FELIWAY Spray 60ml

Feliway helps your cat control inappropriate behavior. Feliway emits an odorless odor that reduces your cat's stress.


Feliway prevents and controls your cat's marking and behavior problems. When cats feel safe in their midst they rub their heads leaving surfaces impregnated with a substance called facial pheromone, which allows them to identify this medium as familiar. When the cat changes medium or is startled it enters a situation of stress that can cause him behaviors like the urinal marking, vertical scratching or other signs of restlessness. Feliway helps your cat control these behaviors.
Feliway spray is easy to use and practical as it allows the application in the exact place where your cat makes the markup. Feliway can be applied in the carry case to help reassure your cat in challenging situations such as car trips or a trip to the veterinarian.
How to use:
Shake the bottle of Feliway Spray and spray once a day at the entrances, cat doorways, window sills and protruding objects around the house. To avoid urinary marking, if it has already occurred, spray Feliway Spray in the marked areas after thorough cleaning.
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