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EASOTIC Headset Suspension 10ml *

Easotic is indicated for the treatment of acute external otitis, and acute exacerbation of recurrent external otitis.


* As it is a veterinary medicine subject to medical prescription, we ask you to send it to the e-mail.


Treatment of acute external otitis and acute irritation of recurrent external otitis associated with gentamicin-sensitive bacteria and fungi susceptible to miconazole, especially Malassezia pachydermatis.

Method of administration:

It is recommended that the external ear canal be cleaned and dry prior to treatment and excess hair around the treatment zone should be cut off. The recommended dose is 1ml of veterinary medicinal product per ear, once a day for five consecutive days.

Before the first administration, shake the bottle well and press the applicator.

After application, the base of the ear can be massaged briefly and gently to help the suspension penetrate to the lower part of the ear canal.


Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the active substances or to any of the excipients, corticosteroids, other azole antifungal agents and other aminoglycosides.

Do not use if the eardrum is perforated.

Do not administer concomitantly with substances known to cause ototoxicity.

Composition: Active Substances:

Hydrocortisone Aceponate 1.11 mg / ml

Miconazole Nitrate 15.1 mg / ml

Gentamicin Sulfate 1.505 IU / ml


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